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This Year in Beauty: 2013’s Most Valuable Players

2013 in beauty 002

I’m cutting it awfully close, aren’t I?! Oh well! Read on to find out my favourites in beauty for 2013…

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Brown Skincare: The Overview

loreal british red

Aunts and friends often ask me why my skin looks so good. The presumption all around is that, because I am blessed with brown skin, my skin is naturally perfect and I do nothing to keep it looking as good as it does. That’s not entirely the case.

I was blessed with good skin (thanks mom!) but I do the right thing to make sure it stays healthy. I have slacked in the past with skincare – particularly in regards to moisturizing and cleansing – and felt the effects of it. Never again!

The thing for brown skinned beauties to keep in mind when walking into the drugstore or a high-end beauty counter is this: the beauty industry promotes skincare ingredients that are of concern to people with lighter skin.  Ads always focus on skincare products which “boost collagen,”  “infuse skin with melanin” and also products that are full of “anti-aging properties,” “fine line corrector’s,” and, of course, “redness corrector’s.”

Well guess what? None of those things are of great concern for black women (or any other women with deeper skin).  Here’s why:

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My Top (Drugstore) Autumn/W—— Lipsticks

autum lipsticks 003

You may have heard about how much I love lipstick.

Lately, new lipsticks have given the older ones an old shove in the save for later box. The box that I sometimes forget about when I’m smack dab in the middle of a lipstick roll. The reds, pinks, oranges, reds, pinks, oranges….

These are my current favourite Autumn/W—– lipsticks:

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