Five Nail Salons I Need To Try


I don’t want to do my own nails anymore.

The thing is, although I own a lot of polish (mostly drugstore stuff in varying colours), I don’t have the patience to sit down, try and steady my non-dominant hand, and get the job done. I just don’t.

This revelation has me thinking that a good nail salon, in my neighbourhood or not, is the answer. So just as some people hunt for the best hair salon or the perfect bra, I’m looking for that perfect nail salon that will suit me just right.

Looking in Toronto seemed like a good place to start.

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Six Books I Loved This Year


So, as I said in my previous post, I’ve been doing a lot of reading this year. A heck of a lot of reading. So much reading that you’d think my brain would burst, but instead it expands and makes room for more books. Although I don’t remember every word I’ve read, I remember the important lines (like “three words long” in Eleanor & Park), the details (like that amazing staff in The Serpent King or Auggie’s face in Wonder), the travels (all in the interest of finding a girl who may or may not have left clues to be found in Paper Towns or gallivanting through Rome and Florence to see the sights and find a dude who doesn’t want to be found in Love & Gelato), and an important point (that a romance doesn’t have to involve a boy and a girl to be engaging – see Simon vs The Homo Sapiens Agenda).

What do these thoughts on words have in common? They all come from middle grade or young adult books! I love reading (and writing) young adult and middle grade stories because they are a section of literature that has so much talent, excitement, and increased diversity within it. And although I could stand to see more minority voices in young adult and middle grade literature, I’m happy with the direction its headed in.

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Summer Lips


Even though I like a lot of lipstick at all times of year, there is something about wearing a bright lip with a breezy summer dress or denim shorts and sandals. Bright lips are a good summer look for me because I hardly wear eye makeup in the summer  (too hot) so it brightens up my face without even trying. Another fun thing about lipstick is that it comes in so many colours that you can wear one for every day of the week. Here are my lips trying on eleven of my favourite colours for summer:

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Spring Shoes

As I write this the sun is shinning and there is a delightful breeze that is the very definition of spring. Birds are flying at the window, and tree branches are wrestling in the sky. It’s the perfect weather. It’s the kind of weather that calls for lots of walking. It’s the kind of weather that calls for new shoes (especially when you haven’t bought any in a long time), and it’s the kind of weather that calls for ice cream and cute dresses to go with the cute shoes that you might be buying. Where did I go to get my cute shoes? To Payless Shoe Source. I found several pairs that will go quite nicely with my spring/summer dresses. Here they are:

  1. Floral


The pointed white floral shoes pair nicely with jumpsuits and mid-length dresses, and the blue floral shoes look amazing with full skirt dresses and skinny pants.

2. Classic


The brown flats are my nude shoes: they pair nicely with patterned dresses that I want a non-assuming shoe to go with, and the black shoes are perfect for slim leg pants and jeans. Both are very comfortable.

3. Solid Colour

IMG_0034The weird thing about these shoes is that they furl up when you’re not wearing them – like some kind of animal – and they have a million holes in them. But guess what? They’re very cute on and very comfortable. I can see myself walking for a long time in these beauties (wearing a casual spring/summer dress).

– Adaora


Ready or Not

Change sweeps in and knocks you off your feet (whether you feel ready for it or not). Change says “now is the time,” while messing with how you see things and other people. Change says “my time is the best time” and doesn’t think about your plans or your goals or your interests. There are no refunds to change, and there are no chances to reverse what change brings about.  You can’t go back to how things were.

What about looking for change and asking for it? When you’ve seen the same things – for so long – you might want a radical transformation in your life. Of course, when you start asking for change, you hope the change is going to be the kind that adds years to your life (rather than the kind that takes it away). You hope. But the reality is that there are good times and bad times in life. Nobody wants to see the bad times, and nobody wants to walk through life waiting for good to come. You just want the good to be there and stay there like the skin of your back or the soles of your feet. You want goodness to cling to you like perfume that lingers or like a good meal that leaves a nice taste in your mouth. I know I do.

One thing for sure, about change, is certain: change moves inside of you when it moves around things and people in your life. Change transforms the change-e and it moves you to look for things and people that you never thought you’d be looking for before. Ultimately, despite all the havoc change can bring into your life, I say its a good thing. It can force you to take stock of who and what’s in your life (are they in or out?), and it can grow you for the better (once those important decisions are made).







Every Step

You probably moved into 2016 with unfinished business and untied shoe laces from 2015 and the year before it.  They say a new year is a fresh start but I say a new year means its time to unload your goals, hopes, wishes, and plans from the last year into the new one. There’s always going to be old coming in with the new because goals, plans, wishes, and happenings don’t stop with a new year. Everything moves into the new year with you.

Every step draws you closer to your goals being reached. Every step draws you nearer to what you want and need. Every step says your still knee deep in pain, struggle, and hard work. Every step says you haven’t given up on yourself or your dreams. A lot of people work their way through life, in the workplace or at home, but not a lot of people work towards wish fulfillment. For me, a new year is a new commitment to continue working towards everything I wish to get out of this world (no matter how big or small). We owe it to ourselves to start the new year with our old hopes and dreams, and work towards making this new year our best yet.

– Adaora