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Dave Lackie Shiseido VIP Dinner & Talk

vip 024

Last night Dave Lackie (Beauty Editor and Cityline Contributor) hosted a VIP experience for a group of us. We drank, ate, and listened as Dave and Shisiedo Canada’s Marketing/Business head told us all about the technology of the free swag we all made like bandits with. Shisiedo’s sunscreen actually becomes more protective when in contact with water (re: white water rafting, boating, swimming in the lake while camping….) Its amazing! Here are the details:

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Snuffing Out My Period Pain…

epo 001
– Vintage yoga magazine’s (I’m a long time Yogi).

I don’t believe in diets. I don’t believe in the idea of ‘cheat days,’ or anything else that makes me feel like I’m living on the fringes of food.

I do believe in chocolate (all the time, especially when on my period), wine, Yoga and pilates, and long walks. You see, when my cramps are getting at me, and I scarcely want to get out of bed to do anything (like clean, organize my space, or anything really), the only things that get me out of bed and on the move are yoga, pilates, and chocolate. Glorious chocolate….

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This Year in Beauty: 2013’s Most Valuable Players

2013 in beauty 002

I’m cutting it awfully close, aren’t I?! Oh well! Read on to find out my favourites in beauty for 2013…

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Really Good Stuff: Cold Weather Skincare Add-ons

skin 001

Recently parts my face, no doubt in reaction to the temperature dropping and the wind whistling feverishly, promptly dried out like clockwork. My cheeks, the bottom sides of chin, and my eyebrows, Ugh.  

To fight back I went out to the drugstore in search of some facial water faucets.

I’ve been trying out a few new serums too (more on that later – I haven’t used them long enough) but for now I have thoughts to share with you on the Simple skincare range.  Continue reading