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I spoke to a realtor (way in advance of buying my first home), and I think you should too (if you aspire to own your own home). #RealEstate #Goals

I believe in the law of attraction.

Basically, the law of attraction it is the idea that you create your own reality through the thoughts that you predominantly have about yourself, your condition, and what you are capable of achieving within your lifetime. So, of course, to make ones dreams of home ownership a reality, one must know what kind of home they want, right?  Yes. So I signed up for a real estate website (where you plug in your name, your email, and your phone number, in order to get access to the available home listings), and before I knew it I received a phone call from a realtor that I am now on a first name basis with. Anytime I have a question, all I have to do is text her. It’s like she’s holding my hand in advance.

Very professionally (thanks to my years of watching Property Virgins, Property Brothers and Property Brothers Buying & Selling, Love it or List it, House Hunters and House Hunters Renovation), I asked her whether it was a buyers or sellers market, I asked how much I would have to put down for a place (within the budget I had set), and I asked her about other things too (like how I would go about getting a mortgage broker and what that process would be like).

Over the phone, in order to send me a fine-tuned list of properties available today via email,  she asked me what my desires for a home were.  Here’s what I said/what I want:

1. A Move in ready condo in a cool neighbourhood in Toronto.

2. Lots of light, big windows, and wall space (for bookshelves – because I have a lot of books).

3. A great and open kitchen (because, as you know, I cook and bake), and an open dining and living area.

4. Two good sized bedrooms.

5. Two decently sized bathrooms.

6. Harwood or laminate floors.

7. A quality gym in the building.

8. Near the bus or subway line.

9. A parking spot (I don’t drive but it’s good to have for a spouse or for re-sale value) and a storage locker.

10. Good security in the building.

And you know what?  I found my dream condo (in my dream starter neighborhood),  I saw the sticker price, I was given a ballpark estimate of what it would cost to carry it each month, and I am taking measurable steps towards making it mine. That’s right folks, I’m gonna buy my first place as soon as possible. I believe it (and I can see how doable it is).

Here’s what I learned from communicating with a realtor (who I have decided to stay in contact with):
1. Have a goal and a vision

You absolutely have to know what your looking for. Do you want a 5 year house, a ten year house, or a forever home? What do you see yourself doing in your home? Do you plan on renovating the home immediately upon taking possession of it, will you live in a fixer-upper for some time before renovating, or do you want a turn-key home? And very simply, do you plan on being alone in your home or do you foresee a partner in your near future?

2. Make sure your goal is measurable

As much as I would immediately like a nice Georgian in a certain neighborhood in Toronto (which I truly believe I will get into one day), I have to take focused and measurable steps towards making my starter home a reality (so that my forever home, that Georgian in a certain neighborhood, can happen too).  Steps, measured monthly and annually, are what I will take.

3. Have a plan

Yea, have a plan. I have been looking for a nice stable job that will allow me to save more aggressively (re: an RRSP and a TFSA) than I have been able to do right now.

4. Be flexible

As much as I would like to buy right in the downtown core, I know that buying in the heart of it all comes at a premium (re: more than I want to spend for a starter home), and I have to give a bit on location. I also know that I have to give on the number of bedrooms, the square footage, and those little or big jiggling things like storage in the unit or how big the kitchen is.

And that’s it! I promise to keep you guys updated on my home buying process (when the time comes), and maybe I’ll do some budget and money saving posts too. This whole accidental process has really lit a fire under my ass, and it has transformed my life trajectory for the better.


“Loose Weight Fast!”

Sweet Treats 001

With the start of a new year, health dealers rub their hands gleefully, and prepare themselves for their favourite time of year: New Years resolution time (also known as health dealers bankroll holiday)!

Health dealers, of all kinds, are currently offering discounted gym membership rates, diet clinic passes, herbal concoctions, and just about anything you can imagine to lure in newly resolute consumers.

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Gordon Ramsay Made My Day

The Simple things in life, like my favourite Chef and Television Personality Gordon Ramsay tweeting me, make me happy. These are cheerily cheerily times!

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Food #3: Spaghetti with Chickpeas and Carrots


Yes, I am on a carrot kick these days. You might go so far as to say that I am on a majestic quest to put carrots in everything and anything I can think of. Go ahead, make my day.

This recipe tastes amazing; it’s super easy, quick (because I was very very hungry and ready to eat the floor), and did I mention that it tastes really good? It does! Meat eaters gobbled the hell out of this thing like it was going out of style. Seriously!

Carrots truly are one of nature’s greatest bounties (and easily one of the most versatile veggies out there).

I think I’ll make carrot cake or a carrot ice cream next.

I’m thinking…carrot ice cream…Mm. That might be good.

Wait…better write that down…

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Food #2: Vegan Carrot Oatmeal Cookies

CARROTS 010I decided that I wanted to make cookies again (yay!), but when I looked in the fridge I saw no eggs and no butter. Can you believe it?! Instead of getting mad (and, I really have no place to as it’s not my house), I thought about how I could get the cookies that I so desperately needed wanted.

After a quick inspection, I found oatmeal (in a canister – from which I swiftly scooped out the appropriate amount before anyone else could get to it), dark brown sugar (thank GOD!), carrots (stick with me on this one), maple syrup (bless!), vegetable oil (useful for a multitude of things), and cinnamon (which is good for just about anything).

And, from all that cookies were born and the cookie monster in me was very satisfied:

Image: The Magazine

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