Food Feast For Easter

Here are some of the sights and sighs that were involved in cooking my Easter feast: Vegan Breakfast Plantain Muffins (with cinnamon and vanilla)

“Loose Weight Fast!”

With the start of a new year, health dealers rub their hands gleefully, and prepare themselves for their favourite time of year: New Years resolution time (also known as health dealers bankroll holiday)! Health dealers, of all kinds, are currently offering discounted gym membership rates, diet clinic passes, herbal concoctions, and just about anything you…

Food #2: Vegan Carrot Oatmeal Cookies

I decided that I wanted to make cookies again (yay!), but when I looked in the fridge I saw no eggs and no butter. Can you believe it?! Instead of getting mad (and, I really have no place to as it’s not my house), I thought about how I could get the cookies that I…

Food #1: On Chocolate & Gluten Free Chocolate Chip-ish Cookies

My fixation with chocolate reached new heights this week when I finished – not one but two – bars of Hershey’s chocolate: Hershey’s Cookies ‘n’ Creme and Almonds & Toffee. I succumbed to chocolate pangs that had been plaguing me throughout the course of shark week in a major way: Mother nature really did a…

Tentative Thanksgiving Menu

Appetizers: Cheese Stuffed Mushrooms Corn chowder with salsa Sides: Cornbread Main: Veggie lasagna Dessert: cinnamon buns