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Dave Lackie Shiseido VIP Dinner & Talk

vip 024

Last night Dave Lackie (Beauty Editor and Cityline Contributor) hosted a VIP experience for a group of us. We drank, ate, and listened as Dave and Shisiedo Canada’s Marketing/Business head told us all about the technology of the free swag we all made like bandits with. Shisiedo’s sunscreen actually becomes more protective when in contact with water (re: white water rafting, boating, swimming in the lake while camping….) Its amazing! Here are the details:

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If You Care About Growth & Family

Marianna, Kahlil’s Sister (by Kahlil Gibran)

Recently I dived into the very important discussion of love, human error, and communication. I focused on the need for continued growth throughout our lifetime, and my choice to associate with other people who can acknowledge their humanity. But what about being human while growing up as a child or adolescent?

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If You Love Somebody


I’m always thinking about what makes someone the kind of person that you want to share your life with (as a partner), or generally share collective memories with (in the case of family and friends).  After much deliberation, I have come to the conclusion that I only want anything to do with people who know that they are imperfect human beings (who will always be willing and able to grow and learn with me).  If you see yourself as a man or woman without any faults, you better patent what it is that you do, so all of us human error rich people can make ourselves as perfect as you are.

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