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Believing In Miracles

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A miracle is a dramatic ‘yes’ that makes you feel that something you fully  willed to happen – even the most seemingly far off thing – will happen. A miracle is a ‘yes’ so huge it makes you ask yourself why you ever doubted to begin with. A miracle is the kind of ‘yes’ that delivers the kind of happy yelp that comes when you barely whispered that ask and the ‘yes’ completely changes your life.

I wonder how many miracles we are allowed in our life. Is there a quota so small that we get them between years or decades? Do some people get the ‘yes’ so often that they don’t need miracles anymore? Do miracles only happen when you ask for one? Do miracles slip in and out whenever they want to? Do miracles have hearts and souls and feelings? Do miracles pick people who they feel the most sorry for, or the  people they hope the most for? Is there a miracle committee in miracle-land?  Is there a Lead Miracle Angel that decides who gets a miracle? Does God do that?  I wonder.

I can count the number of miracles I’ve had on one finger. My miracles have happened when I was hoping but not exactly expecting it to come in. The waiting is the most difficult thing.