How I Get To Love My Body


In my original I Get To Love My Body post (which has become very popular – thank you!) I shared how my serious focus on body image continues to be inspired by this prevalent resistance to curvy and plus-sized women (which I myself have encountered as a woman with a curvy figure). Aside from just ignoring and refusing entry to negative commentary and perceptions of your beautiful body, there is the all important must-do that is infusing yourself with all the love you have to give. Here’s why it’s so important: You have got to fill yourself up with so much loving resolve for yourself that there is no room for any negative or insecure personalities to occupy your head and your body. How do I do it? With the help of a mirror, sexy lingerie, and positive thought…. 

1. The Mirror 

For a very long time the mirror was one of my greatest enemies (superseded in enemy status only by my own mind). Now, I look at the mirror every morning and basically admire how attractive my bare body is.I like to follow my naked-admiration time with time spent celebrating all of the character qualities that I love (to keep the inner and outer love balanced): “I love that my friends & family say I’m thoughtful, patient, kind, smart, creative…” you get the idea. The point is to get yourself focusing on more of the good inside and outside of you so that the so-called ‘dislikes’ disappear.

2.  Sexy Lingerie


Although I’m not going to share what I own with you, I do have to include lingerie as one of the major helpers in my ‘self-loving’ campaign. Lingerie is absolutely glorious: Silk, satin, lace….all of it just highlights a woman’s body in such a way that you ask yourself what it was that you weren’t liking about how you look. Seriously!

3.  Positive Reinforcement

As much as I love lingerie, in order for a self-love and celebration to work, there is a third element (the most important one) which has to be satisfied: a commitment to spending everyday telling yourself how beautiful you are inside and out.  A self-love campaign takes commitment and dedication to yourself; as much as you may want to transform the way you see yourself, it is so important to stick with it; it took a god long time (about a year or so) to get to where I am today. And even as I sit here loving myself, I still have to maintain my self-loving on a daily basis (especially when you encounter mean-spirited or insecure people who are seeking to put you down in order to feel better about themselves). Take the time to accept yourself for who you are, as there is no better love that you can give and receive than self-love (although the love of your partner & extended family is right up there too).


– Adaora


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