I Get To Love My Body


In a another post, I discussed my body type (curvy) in an effort to share my passion for dressing in appreciation of my curves. Much to my delight, it has gone on to become one of my most popular posts on this blog.  For a lot of reasons, I am very thankful for that. Today, I want to seriously talk about my hot body, and the struggle I had to work through to get to this point. I probably won’t get to share all my thoughts on this issue today, but this post is the starting off point.

It is really important that you don’t see yourself just through another person’s eyes; as great as it is to have people around you who celebrate who you are inside and out, its also important for you to love all of who you are.  Considering how small-minded the ‘beauty’ industry is in this day and age, and how easily others attach its very ignorant standards on themselves and other people, its not hard to see how a lot of women might reach this difficult point of self-disrespect. But I can assure you that you too can transform your eyes from ones that disparage to globes that celebrate you.

I believe in empowering women and children to take the time to appreciate all of who they are.. As we all know, our bodies (for the most part) can’t be to the taste of everyone. But guess what? We all have the right to love our body now and forever.

– Adaora


One comment

  1. Timely ideas , I loved the specifics . Does someone know if I could grab a fillable CA EPO-001 copy to fill in ?

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