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Snuffing Out My Period Pain…

epo 001
– Vintage yoga magazine’s (I’m a long time Yogi).

I don’t believe in diets. I don’t believe in the idea of ‘cheat days,’ or anything else that makes me feel like I’m living on the fringes of food.

I do believe in chocolate (all the time, especially when on my period), wine, Yoga and pilates, and long walks. You see, when my cramps are getting at me, and I scarcely want to get out of bed to do anything (like clean, organize my space, or anything really), the only things that get me out of bed and on the move are yoga, pilates, and chocolate. Glorious chocolate….

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Things I Need On My Body

I keep getting emails from a place called Markitt. It’s been an almost daily taunt and tease from these people.

They don’t quit. Seriously!

Yesterday, as feelings of annoyance and curiosity convened in me, I decided to click and see what all this e-fuss was about. Guys, I mean…somebody better send help for me! They have a few things that have proven to be very relevant to my interests…

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“Loose Weight Fast!”

Sweet Treats 001

With the start of a new year, health dealers rub their hands gleefully, and prepare themselves for their favourite time of year: New Years resolution time (also known as health dealers bankroll holiday)!

Health dealers, of all kinds, are currently offering discounted gym membership rates, diet clinic passes, herbal concoctions, and just about anything you can imagine to lure in newly resolute consumers.

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