Really Good Stuff: Cold Weather Skincare Add-ons

skin 001

Recently parts my face, no doubt in reaction to the temperature dropping and the wind whistling feverishly, promptly dried out like clockwork. My cheeks, the bottom sides of chin, and my eyebrows, Ugh.

To fight back I went out to the drugstore in search of some facial water faucets.

I’ve been trying out a few new serums too (more on that later – I haven’t used them long enough) but for now I have thoughts to share with you on the Simple skincare range.

skin 002

This is everything: it’s stupid easy to use, highly moisturizing, and it feels very refreshing in the morning and the evening. In fact, i have decided to add it to my permanent skincare routine. I highly recommend it. skin 003

I’m not so sure about this stuff: I like that it’s very gentle on the skin, which is important because my skin doesn’t like anything too irritating, but I don’t feel like it does an amazing job at cleaning my face. The cloth, no doubt in an effort to cater to sensitive skin, is quite thin and soft to touch. But I think the cloth needs more texture so that as you’re moving it around it can really do a good cleaning job. I have to press it up against my skin more than I should, and then follow that with another soft tissue to wipe off the tinted moisturizer (which I wear in the daytime for SPF and free radical protection) that it lifted. The cleaning agents are nice and gentle though. skin 004It’s OK. You need a serum to help this along; on it’s own it just kind of sits on the skin for a long time and doesn’t really feel like it’s doing anything. It’s frustrating. I think I need to get a straight up oil based moisturizer. This isn’t cutting it for me.



4 Comments Add yours

  1. Sam says:

    I actually liked the SImple wipes, but they weren’t great with removing eye makeup – too mild.

    1. The Duchess says:

      Yea. I found the cloth it’self, for the most part, hard to really clean with. Stuff is left on. I can imagine how hard it would be to remove eye makeup!

      1. Sam says:

        Yeah, removing mascara is basically impossible without ripping out eyelashes. 😉

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