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Really Good Stuff: Cold Weather Skincare Add-ons

skin 001

Recently parts my face, no doubt in reaction to the temperature dropping and the wind whistling feverishly, promptly dried out like clockwork. My cheeks, the bottom sides of chin, and my eyebrows, Ugh.  

To fight back I went out to the drugstore in search of some facial water faucets.

I’ve been trying out a few new serums too (more on that later – I haven’t used them long enough) but for now I have thoughts to share with you on the Simple skincare range.  Continue reading

Brunch Treat: Banana Nut Bread French Toast

Lately I’ve been dreaming of having a classic French toast for breakfast; The delay, in the making and having of it, was no doubt thanks to the Cinnamon buns in the fridge. Also, there was glorious brie cheese and buffalo mozzarella (which, of course I used to make myself a roasted red pepper, green onion, and carrot pizza. Mm.)

Today I finally broke the banana bread’s silence:  it was the only bread I felt was sturdy enough to handle being dunked and fried with delicious French toast batter. I felt that it was time.  The results were this:  Me, sobbing on the cold hard floor. Me praying, shaking, crying, and thanking the food gods, for all the glorious flavour rockets that were launched in my mouth.

Look at the banana bread that launched a thousand ships of flavour:

Skincare and food 005

A glorious loaf of banana nut bread: Ready to provide the foundation of what was truly an orgasmic food experience. Hastag, really #Foodgasm  Continue reading

The Ten Commandments of Curvy Girl Style

The Betrothed by John William Godward

Aside from being a foodie and a lover of beauty, style, art, culture, literature, and food, I am also proud card carrying member of the High And Mighty Regal Amazing Ass Society (HAM-RAAS). We are a very proud, royal, and well dressed society that is full of people who are interested in looking amazing from head to foot. We take great pride in our curves, defend them to the ends of the earth, and we appreciate the revere and awe which they inspire.

If you’re interested in joining us at HAM-RAAS there are some rules that you must follow (aside from uh, being curvy); these are rules which have ensured that our esteemed society continues to flourish and prosper (with a growth that we have cultivated since the beginning of time and will continue to do for decades and centuries to come).

But before I share our values and creeds, I’d like to introduce you to some of our high profile members…

Continue reading