Palmer’s Formula Deep Conditioning Protein Pack

hair 001

My hair is hydration challenged.

Confession: I’ve been neglecting my curls lately. They’ve been borderline brittle, not bouncy at all, and in need of a serious VIP treatment. A desperate search, deep into the gallows of my dressing table, resulted in this find: two packets of Palmer’s Deep Conditioning Protein Pack. I used one full packet and two squirts of the second to cover my exceedingly thick head of hair. My curls are 4a pattern (which, for those unfamiliar, means they’re coiled like the springs in a pen), and they are very coarse.

The packaging suggests leaving it in for 20 minutes but, knowing how much help my hair needed, I wasn’t about to follow those instructions. I always give it at least an hour for any hair mask, That’s a system that usually works out well for me.

Here’s how my hair cape looked after leaving this deep conditioning mask in for an hour:

hair 002
Look at how soft, and smooth, my curl pattern is! Bounce chika, bounce bounce!

After marveling at how great my hair looked, after using this stuff,  I decided that it would be best to lock that moisture in with a protective style – specifically plaits:

hair 007

Plait-y twisty, and smelling of coconut. 

And to condition my hair, after washing and drying with a cotton tee – avoid those terry cloth towels curly haired ladies – I borrowed this stuff from my ma:  hair 008 hair 009

The texture is creamy, it smells amazing, and it’s very moisturizing. I didn’t even need to detangle my hair when I was braiding it up. It’s amazing stuff.

I’m having a great hair day.

Edit: The precariousness of natural hair. As my hair has grown out I have discovered it has loosened up to 3b on top and 3c on the bottom. Vey!  That’s how it goes with natural hair!


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