Currently Loving: L’Oreal Colour Riche Lipstick in Sea Fleur

Sea Fleur3

It is glorious!

Sea Fleur

Sea Fleur is a glorious purple-pink that gives the most amazing illuminating glow to deeper skin. Seriously guys, this colour is so outrageously beautiful that I would honestly wear Sea Fleur in my sleep if I could!

The only downside about this lipstick is the synthetic-y smell. But as the colour is amazing, and strong enough to leave a noticeable stain on the lips, I am willing to overlook the off-putting smell.

Definitely a good one!

– Ada


4 Comments Add yours

  1. The colour is so really pretty! Shame about the smell though, I always love a product that smels nice and ones that dont, do put me off a bit!

    1. The Duchess says:

      It is! ^_^ I love lipsticks that smell of vanilla or any other attractive smell. It’s a bit off-putting but I’ve allowed myself the moment of sensory overload for the pigment!

      1. Sometimes we have to ignore the bad when the good is too good!

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