Cityblis Summer Picks


I was recently contacted by Cityblis and offered media access. I am so glad that Cityblis reached out to me because their website is glorious!

Cityblis is a website which seeks to lift talented designers into larger markets.

They have been described as a cross between Polyvore, a lovely spot where you can curate outfits, accessories, and other pieces to publish online, and Lookbook, an e-place where style savants can show case their style.

I love that, with Cityblis, new designers, by the sheer will of their fans and buyers, can raise their profile in the fashion industry.

My own style weakness, aside from bags, rings, and earrings, is dresses. I like skater dresses, bandage dresses, and long maxi dresses when they come in at the right spots!  Anything super feminine, fitted, and flattering to my curves is alright with me.

Cityblis, much to my delight, features a lot of European designers. I like European designers because they tend to delight in dressing curves.

This is also probably why I tend to reach for vintage dresses…

I spent a lot of time, while browsing through Cityblis designers page, being close to tears as I drank in all the glorious dresses, skirts, and feminine blouses.

So please cry with me now…

“briseis couture is a german fashion brand. It initially began in 2009, when Jacqueline Friedmann established the label in Frankfurt. The style of her first collection “the office chair acrobat” was described in the following way: “It is her, the Amazon of conference rooms, the lady warrior of the coffee kitchen. armed with timer and notebook skillfully circumnavigating the cliffs of an average day at the office. She changes the world successfully and unstoppable. With aesthetics and style she flawlessly dances across a parquet of numbers and decisions. While gliding from one appointment to another, her colleagues admiring looks are certain. of the colleagues. A marvelous woman. A heroine of the everyday life. A genuine office chair acrobat.” briseis couture is multifaceted and wants to herald the return of femininity!”


“Continuing a long family tradition of creating beachwear, Flavia Padovan’s swimwear collection was launched in 2000. It immediately gained international presence becoming one of the most representative brands of Made in Italy in just over a decade. Her beautifully designed pieces are all unique, both in terms of style and for their craftsmanship. The superior fabrics used are the core and soul of the brand; the prints and the embroideries are exclusive. Each item is delicately handcrafted down to the last detail; hand-sewn with beads, sequins, crochet, crystals and pendants. Flavia Padovan’s showroom is located in the heart of Rome, in Via Bocca di Leone, just a stone’s throw from the Spanish Steps…”


“Amorium Jewelry aims to bring back the traditional methods of jewelry production in the age of the plastics and mass-production. No two Amorium products are the same. They can’t be. Every single Amorium piece is handmade.”


“ROHMY offers high-end Fashion, designed and handmade in Germany. Beside the aesthetic standards, the products of ROHMY combine functionality, and both perfect fit and comfort no matter of individually size. The ROHMY Gold Label collections contain luxury evening gowns and prom night-, plus wedding dresses in an ultra feminine fashion line in the actual “Sirens” Look Book. In the “Nocturne” Look Book of ROHMY Black Label you will find modern looks and extravagant club-wear. Some garments are modeled like sculptures of fabric, what makes each piece individual and makes them a wearable artwork. The Designer behind ROHMY was born in Karlsruhe, Germany and grew up with her younger sister in an artist family, both her parents are musicians. Her studio is located in an old bunker, built in 1942. Karlsruhe/ Germany, where she currently lives and works. She started to bring her talents towards a professional direction by graduating from a school for textile technology what she passed with distinction. Afterwards she learned skills and knowledge of crafts by completing her training in tailoring. After her graduation as a custom tailor she began to study Fashion Design and eventually started her own Fashion Label ROHMY after her final degree.”

I’ll be OK…




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